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Conditions of Authorization and Program Approval


Authorization means that the Department of Higher Education has determined that your school has met the following criteria, pursuant to Section 10a‑22b(c) of the Connecticut General Statutes:



         the quality and content of each course or program of instruction, training, or study noted on the certificate of program authorization reasonably and adequately achieves the stated objectives for which it is offered;

         students and other interested persons are provided with a catalog or similar publication describing the courses and programs offered, course and program objectives, length of courses and programs, schedule of tuition, fees, and all other charges and expenses necessary for completion of the course or program, and an explanation of cancellation, and refund policies;

         the school has adequate space, equipment, instructional materials, and personnel for the instruction offered;

         the qualifications of directors, administrators, supervisors, and instructors reasonably and adequately assure that students receive education consistent with the stated objectives for which a course or program is offered;

         upon satisfactory completion of the courses or program, each student is provided with appropriate educational credentials by the school;

         adequate records are maintained by the school to show attendance and grades, or other indicators of student progress, and standards are enforced relating to attendance and student performance;

         the school is financially sound and capable of fulfilling its commitments to students;

         if applicable, any student housing owned, leased, rented, or otherwise maintained by the school is safe and adequate.


Additionally, as a condition of authorization, your school will make all payments required by law, including payments of all fees to the Private Occupational School Student Protection Account. Also, your school will notify the Department of Higher Education thirty days before any intended revisions of the conditions of authorization, including but not limited to changes in (1) courses or programs; (2) ownership of the school; (3) name of the school; (4) location of the school and any other school related facilities; and (5) changes in tuition rates or fees.


The Certificate of Program Approval is listed solely for informational purposes and is not an approval or disapproval of the tuition rates in regard to value.


You may indicate to students and to the public that your school has been "approved by the Connecticut Commissioner of Higher Education." However, you may not imply that the school operates under state supervision nor that it is recommended by any state agency.



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