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Higher Education Legislation

Public Act 11-48 – An Act Implementing Provisions of the Budget Concerning General Government; OLR Summary
      See Sections 210-286 for statutes related to higher education re-organization.

2010 Legislative Summary

Public Act 10-66 – An Act Concerning Tuition Waivers for Veterans
This bill makes a technical change to the current tuition waiver provision for veterans that adds an exception to “service in war time” not to include time at a military service academy.

Public Act 10-101 – An Act Concerning Student Employees and Workforce Competitiveness
This legislation adds some exemptions to the state ethics code for graduate students employed by public institutions of higher education as currently defined for state employees.

Public Act 10-8 – An Act Concerning an Education Doctoral Degree Program in Nursing Education
This act would expand the current education doctoral degrees to include one in nursing education.

Public Act 10-104 – An Act Concerning the University of Connecticut Health Center’s Facilities Plan
This legislation is the first phase of potential funding for the new plan for the UConn Health Center.

Public Act 10-156 – An Act Implementing the Recommendation of the Program Review and Investigations Committee Concerning the Alignment of Postsecondary Education and Employment in the Green Industry
This act requires the Department of Higher Education and the State Department of Education to collaborate in the development of a website posting all academic programs relating to green jobs. It also requires the collaboration of institutions in different areas, for example, the sharing of equipment and development of career ladders.

Public Act 10-75 – An Act Concerning the Recommendation of the Majority Leaders’ Job Growth Roundtable
This legislation makes numerous efforts to improve Connecticut’s economic progress. The Department of Higher Education is charged with establishing a green technology, life science and health information technology loan forgiveness program. The program would require residents who graduate in 2010 be eligible for reimbursement of a student loan after they have been employed in the above mentioned fields for two years.


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