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The Parliament of Baden-Württemberg has made a number of room and board stipends available for Connecticut students. Students may apply for a full or partial room and board stipend. The maximum stipend is €400-500 per month for ten months. Stipends range anywhere from €2,500 to €5,000 for participants who sign up for the full year and half that amount for those going abroad for a semester. These scholarships are primarily based on need.

The average scholarship award for 2005-2006 was $3,000 for the full academic year.


This is a reciprocal exchange program. Each exchange student pays his or her institution tuition and fees (as well as the Study Abroad Fee if applicable) and then trades places with a student from Baden-Wurttemberg.


There is a $625 per year (or 425 per semester) BW-Exchange program fee.

Student Activity CT students must pay the student activity fee at their German institutions. (Approximately 75.00 per semester)

Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory for all student participants. The German health insurance costs approximately €65 per month. It is a good buy for the money. It is quite comprehensive and includes many dental procedures and eye examinations as well as most prescribed medications.

Note: Your German health insurance will not go into effect until you matriculate at your German university (October 15 -- beginning of fall/winter semester; April 15 – spring/summer semester).

Room and Board

Each student accepts financial responsibility for room and board and personal expenses incurred while studying abroad. It is recommended that Connecticut students budget DM 850 - DM 1000 per month for room and board.


CT students may request housing in the dormitory or off-campus. Dormitory room reservations are made by the International Office (Auslandsämter) of the Host University. Most German dorms have only single occupancy rooms. Doubles and triples are rare. The cost of dorm rooms varies depending on size, age and location of the room. The average cost of a dorm room in 1999-2000 was DM 400.00 per month.


Getting from your dormitory to your campus may required you to purchase a bus pass. The cost will vary between DM 40/month and DM 60/month. Many students prefer to purchase a bicycle. Some prefer to walk wherever they go.

Other Costs

Students are advised to budget DM 850.00 - $1,000/month for room and board and an additional DM 250.00/month for health insurance, transportation, books and incidentals. Spending money varies from student to student -- depending on life style. (Please note that the full academic year program covers 11 months!) Students must also set aside some money to cover the cost of travel to and from Germany.

Most students report that they can live quite well within a budget of DM 1,100.

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