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Feasibility Study for a Statewide Higher Education Information Technology Network
State of Connecticut, September 18, 1996

Scope of Cost Model 

Included in Cost Model:
  • Single Network Point of Presence at each
    Higher Ed. site (Qty=33):
    • Network Hardware/Software
    • Carrier Services (voice, video, data)
  • Network Management
  • Remote Access
  • Internet Access
  • Videoconferencing equipment (1 room per building)
Not Included in Cost Model:
  • Network Backbone Connectivity to additional constituents
    • Hospitals, Privates Corps., Independent Colleges,
    • K12, Government Agencies, Libraries, etc.
  • Network Connectivity to specific rooms within each campus building
  • New wiring infrastructures
  • Training
  • Network Design

Graphic depiction of a statewide network backbone

Executive Summary
Table of Contents
12 Current Situation
13 Problem Statement and Impact Analysis
16 Benefits of a Statewide Network
17 Applications of a Statewide Network-Other States
18 Applications of a Statewide Network-Connecticut
20 Possible Technology Scenarios
21 Recommended Technology Scenario
22 Costing Model - Assumptions
23 Scope of Cost Model
25 Cost of Recommended Technology Scenario
26 Other Recommendations
30 Implementation Strategy

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