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Feasibility Study for a Statewide Higher Education Information Technology Network
State of Connecticut, September 18, 1996

Possible Technology Scenarios

Ernst & Young identified a variety of feasible technology scenarios that would allow the State of Connecticut to provide a higher education network while leveraging existing technology and expenditures. These are:

  1. Status Quo: Maintain the current environment - Internet used for data transfer between institutions, the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) used for voice inter-connectivity, and no formal network in place to support video services between institutions.
  2. Status Quo plus Video: Maintain the current environment (as mentioned above), but implement a mechanism for inter-institution video services (e.g., ISDN)
  3. Private Frame Relay Network: Connect all sites to CSU's private frame relay network. This could potentially provide voice, video, and data services to all institutions via a private network
  4. Public Frame Relay Network: Data and video connectivity to all sites will be provided via public Frame Relay service. The PSTN will be used for voice services
  5. Public Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Network: Use public ATM services for video and data communications and the PSTN for voice (until public ATM will support the transport of all three).

In addition, a list is presented of those alternatives deemed not feasible for reasons of cost, practicality, and/or need. These include the use of microwave and satellite technologies, a state-owned private fiber backbone, a hybrid network connecting each institution's current environment, and a private leased-line network.

Executive Summary
Table of Contents
12 Current Situation
13 Problem Statement and Impact Analysis
16 Benefits of a Statewide Network
17 Applications of a Statewide Network-Other States
18 Applications of a Statewide Network-Connecticut
20 Possible Technology Scenarios
21 Recommended Technology Scenario
22 Costing Model - Assumptions
23 Scope of Cost Model
25 Cost of Recommended Technology Scenario
26 Other Recommendations
30 Implementation Strategy

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