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Feasibility Study for a Statewide Higher Education Information Technology Network
State of Connecticut, September 18, 1996

Benefits of a Statewide Network

A statewide network, by providing the following benefits, will allow the State of Connecticut to trade in its reactive stance on education for a more proactive one:

  • Academic
    • Support for distance learning applications
    • Facilitated collaboration on research projects
    • Increased exposure to a variety of resources
      • Internet, Library catalogs, multimedia applications, Lexis Nexis
    • Facilitated student recruiting, admissions and registration
    • Simplified preparation and distribution of course catalogs and schedules
    • Better method of communicating the transferability of credits between educational institutions
  • Administrative
    • Improved maintenance of student records (e.g., billing, financial aid, transcripts, etc.)
    • Facilitated sharing of backoffice information and applications (e.g., payroll, purchasing, etc.) -- This will especially benefit those sites that do not have the resources to purchase and maintain their own systems (e.g., Charter Oak)
    • A mechanism by which reports can be viewed on-line by DHE and other state agencies. This would prevent the individual institutions from having to print out and mail these reports
  • Other
    • Greater interconnectivity with private industry
    • More efficient use of teaching resources (e.g., faculty and classrooms)
    • Better marketing of higher education resources available in the State of Connecticut
    • Opportunity to capitalize on economies of scale
    • A network infrastructure will encourage collaboration between individual institutions

Executive Summary
Table of Contents
12 Current Situation
13 Problem Statement and Impact Analysis
16 Benefits of a Statewide Network
17 Applications of a Statewide Network-Other States
18 Applications of a Statewide Network-Connecticut
20 Possible Technology Scenarios
21 Recommended Technology Scenario
22 Costing Model - Assumptions
23 Scope of Cost Model
25 Cost of Recommended Technology Scenario
26 Other Recommendations
30 Implementation Strategy

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