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Reports for 1999 and prior years

Fall 1999   Transfer Patterns for Undergraduates at Connecticut Institutions of Higher Education, Fall 1999

Table 1 (PDF Document, 1 page, 11kb)
Table 2 (PDF Document, 1 page, 12kb)
Table 3 - Raw Data (PDF Document, 4 pages, 32kb)

April 1999   An Analysis of Available Data on Remediation Activities at Connecticut's Public Institutions of Higher Education
January 1999   College Enrollment in Connecticut Through the 1990s
April 1998   Strategic Plan to Ensure Racial and Ethnic Diversity In Connecticut Public Higher Education
April 1998   Transforming Connecticut Higher Education: An Agenda for Excellence into the 21st Century
December 1997   The Looming Financial Crisis Facing Connecticut Public Higher Education
February 1997   The Cost of Attendance and Availability of Student Financial Aid in Connecticut Postsecondary Education
January 1997   Undergraduate Student Transfer Within CT Public Higher Education
September 1996   Feasibility Study for a Statewide Higher Education Information Technology Network, State of Connecticut (Ernst & Young report)
January 1997   1996 Degrees Conferred Report
February 1997   1996 Fall Enrollment
June 1996   Connecticut: the Nation's Leading Exporter of College Freshmen
January 1996   The Impact of Demographics on Connecticut Public Colleges and Universities 
Fall 1996   Connecticut College Enrollments report
Fall 1995   Connecticut Headcount Enrollment by Institution and Level
Fall 1995   Connecticut Headcount Enrollment by Institution and Sex
Fall 1995   Enrollment of Minority Students in Connecticut's Institutions

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