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Reports for 2004

December 2003-04 Degrees Conferred by Connecticut Institutions (PDF document, 26 pages, 178kb)
December Board of Governors' Recommendations FY 2005-07 Biennial Capital Budget and Five-Year Plans (PDF document, 74 pages, 477kb)
December Board of Governors' Recommendations FY 2005-07 Biennial Operating Budget  (PDF document, 101 pages, 556kb)
November Fall 2004 College and University Headcounts in Connecticut (PDF document, 18 pages, 134kb)
September Best Practices in Documenting Workforce Success of College Graduates:  Final Report (PDF document, 24 pages, 359kb)
September Connecticut Public Higher Education Tuition and Student Fee Policy (PDF document, 6 pages, 55kb)
May Highlights:  Final Budget FY 2003-05 Mid-Biennial Operating and Capital Budgets for Higher Education (PDF document, 18 pages, 1.2MB)
March Highlights:  FY 2003-05 Mid-Biennial Operating Budgets for Higher Education, Appropriations Committee Recommendations (PDF document, 7 pages, 415kb)
February Fall 2003 College and University Enrollment in Connecticut, Comprehensive Report (PDF document, 36 pages, 930kb)
February Highlights:  FY 2003-05 Mid-Biennial Operating & Capital Budgets for Higher Education, Governor's Recommendations (PDF document, 22 pages, 1.3MB)
February Connecticut Public Higher Education:  2004 System Trends (PDF document, 81 pages, 1.4MB)
February Strategic Plan to Ensure Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Connecticut Public Higher Education 2004 (PDF document, 32 pages, 247kb)
February   Higher Education Counts:  Accountability Measures for the New Millennium - February 1, 2004 (PDF document, 168 pages, 5.2MB)










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