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News Releases for 2008

December 30   Ten Facts About Higher Education in Connecticut (PDF document, 1 page, 88kb)
November 19 Record Enrollment at Connecticut Public Colleges (PDF document, 4 pages, 134kb)
November 7 Yale Professor T.P. Ma Awarded the Connecticut Medal of Technology
October 22 Commissioner Meotti Named to Federal Relations and Data and Information Systems Panels (PDF documents)
August 18 KnowHow2GO College Awareness Campaign Coming this Friday to Meriden & Milford Malls (PDF document, 1 page, 130kb)
July 21 Blumenthal, Department of Higher Education Announce Court Sanctions Against Unlicensed Tractor School and Owner (PDF document, 2 pages, 58kb)
June 26 Governor Rell:  Colleges Receive Grants to Boost Minority Enrollment and Retention
June 12 Yale's Snyder Awarded 2007 Connecticut Medal of Science (PDF document, 2 pages, 23kb)
June 9 101 Bridgeport and New Haven High School Seniors Awarded Scholarships for College (PDF document, 2 pages, 89kb)
June 5 Labor Department/Higher Education Report Tracks Job Success for College Grads (PDF document, 2 pages, 20kb)
May 22 NU Executive Joins State Higher Education Board (PDF document, 1 page, 53kb)
May 15 Department of Higher Education Sets Up Website for Gibbs College Students (PDF document, 1 page, 31kb)
May 7 Blumenthal, Department of Higher Education Obtain Order Closing Unlicensed Tractor Trailer School (PDF document, 2 pages, 85kb)
May 5 College Class of 2008 Largest in State's History (PDF document, 2 pages, 25kb)
April 28 Higher Education Department Awards Grants to Five Teacher Institutes (PDF document, 2 pages, 25kb)
February 16 Governor Rell:  Byrd Honors Scholarship Grant Program Available (PDF document, 2 pages, 116kb)
February 15 Department of Higher Education Notified of Gibbs Plans to Close (PDF document, 5 pages, 58kb)
January 7 Board of Governors Names Michael P. Meotti Commissioner of Higher Education (PDF document, 5 pages, 58kb)
January 16 Governor Rell Announces Campaign to Help Students Prepare for College (PDF document, 2 pages, 48kb)

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