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Comprehensive Search for Veterans Program Approval

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About Searching

There is a time lag between when updates are received and when updates will appear here, you are urged to contact the respective institutions for verification if the timeliness of such data is critical to you.

General search help - Any field left blank will be ignored when searching the database. Drop-down and list-box fields default to "No Preference" unless you specifically change them.  If you do not put in any search criteria you will get back all records in the database. The search is case-insensitive.  For more advanced information, check out the advanced topics below.

Level of Program - You may limit your search to just certain degree levels. The default value is "All" which means that you want to see all programs regardless of their degree level. This list allows you to select multiple degree types to search. To select more than one degree level, hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard while clicking on each degree level.

Maximum items shown per page - This is the number of found items shown on a page. Ten items is about the most that can be seen on the screen at one time, but you may increase or decrease this amount to suit your own viewing preferences.

Program Name - The words in this field will be searched for in the program name. If you know the exact program name you are looking for you can enter it here in quotes like this: "Entry Level Bookkeeping". If you are unsure of the program name try entering a partial word related to what you are looking for. For instance, if you were looking for Computer related programs you could try "comp". This would return all programs with "comp" anywhere in their name.  Program names are entered into the database as they appear in the school publication.  For best results, first search by the generic name "Accounting" and then select a school to search all programs including variants of the generic name "Tax Accounting".

School or College Name - The words in this field will be searched for in school or college name.  This database only contains data on Connecticut schools and colleges.

Search - This button performs the search based on the criteria specified.

Sort results by - This combo box allows you to select how you want the results sorted. You may only select one field to sort by. The default sort order is by the institution name.

Starting page - This field allows you to select a different record to be shown first after hitting the Search button. You might want to use this if your search results in many records and you'd like to go right to the page that contains what you are looking for.


Advanced Topics

Abbreviations - This search engine does not understand abbreviations. Using "UCONN" instead of "UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT" will not work. Other abbreviations such as HTFD (Hartford) or W. (west) are unlikely to work as well. If a search does not provide the results you expected, please check to make sure you are not using abbreviations. Partial words will work - HART will find Hartford, WES will find west, UNI will find University.

Boolean Operators - This search engine incorporates standard boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) and allows grouping by parentheses and quoted text. If the search text does not contain the word AND or OR, each word is treated as an AND condition. Any single quotes surrounded by text are replaced with single character wildcards to avoid problems.

This search engine can be overwhelmed by large boolean expressions. If that happens you'll get an error. Try using a smaller set of criteria in this case.

Capitalization - This search engine ignores capitalization.

Plurals - Plural (eg Nurses) and possessive (eg Nurse's) forms of a word should not be used to search this database.  While such things will work, they do not return a list of all items which contain the non-plural/non-possessive form of the word being searched for.  In addition, this search engine treats plurals and possessives identically even though the database may contain plural and possessive words.

Search Speed - You can make your searches run faster by not using boolean expressions, and by selecting ALL for the various limiting categories.

Wildcards - You can use wildcards in your searches. To match any amount of text or numbers use the percent % symbol. To match a single character use the underscore _ symbol.  

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