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Connecticut's Private Occupational Schools

Application (PDF documents)
NOTE:  All of the application pages are enabled to allowing saving to your computer.  (Acrobat Reader version 7 or 8 is required.)

AP Page 1 Application Cover Page

AP Page 2-6 Instructions

AP Page 7-8 Business Status

AP Page 9 Additional Facilities

AP Page 10 Letter of Credit Information

AP Page 11-12 Letter of Credit Sample

AP Page 13 Insurance

AP Page 14 Fire Marshal Approval

AP Page 15 Zoning Officer Approval

AP Page 16-17 Disclosure of Criminal Record

AP Page 18 Revocation History

AP Page 19 Campus Roster

AP Page 20-22 School Director Form

AP Page 23-25 Campus Director Form

AP Page 26-27 Instructor Form

AP Page 28 Waiver of Instructor

AP Page 29-30 Recruiter Form

AP Page 31 Program - Course List

AP Page 32 Program - Course Information

AP Page 33 Library Form

AP Page 34 Student Records

AP Page 35-36 Enrollment Agreement

AP Page 37-38 Catalog

AP Page 39 Diploma

AP Page 40 Complaints

AP Page 41 Fees

AP Page 42 Advertising

AP Page 43 Non-Discrimination Clause

AP Page 44 Affidavit of School Closure

AP Page 45-46 Designation of Agent of Service

FIN Page 1 Instructions - Checklist

FIN Page 2 Detailed Instructions

FIN Page 3-4 Balance Sheet

FIN Page 5 Schedule of Assets

FIN Page 6 Schedule of Liabilities

FIN Page 7 Income Statement

FIN Page 8 Schedule of Income

FIN Page 9 Schedule of Expenses

FIN Page 10 Cash Flows

FIN Page 11-12 Schedule of Changes and Adjustments

FIN Page 13 Affirmation of Statement of Position


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